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INGENIOUS ! Start with 0.001 BTC (about 1 EUR) and get up to 1024 BTC!

Is it really possible to be able to start with Bitcoin with just about 1 EUR and earn more and more money?

The idea behind the system CRYPTOBitx is quite simple and easy to understand. It is about the principle, to donate once 0.001 BTC (about 1 EUR) and to find 2 other persons, which then do the same.
The whole is then continued in a 2x7 matrix. You run through 7 levels. Each level must be activated only once (in the ideal case always from the donations).
As soon as you are registered and donated 0.001 BTC (activation level 1), you are entitled to receive donations from your 2 partners in level 1. From the received donations the next level can be unlocked!

Since the start of the program on 01.01.17, more than 24,000 paid partnerships have been established to date (08.03.17)!

With the level 1 (0,001 BTC) it is going on. More is not required for your start at CRYPTOBitx. However, the recommendation is to activate levels 1-4 from the beginning. For this purpose bitcoins with the value of: 0,0265 BTC are needed (more then later).

The possible revenue from donations across the different levels of CRYPTOBitx:

PLEASE NOTE: : It is not claimed here that everyone will be able to fill the Matrix up to level 7 and thus, with today's Bitcoin course, get about one million EUR in bitcoins. The program was only started on 01.01.17. Therefore, today's prospects are quite good, even to reach the higher levels.
If such systems are on the market for a long time, it can happen after a few years that the last are really bitten by the dogs and you have given this one euro

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It's that easy:

  1. If not already available: First, create a Bitcoin account.
    If you do not have a Bitcoin account, you must first create a Bitcoin account.
    To do so, you first need an account (Bitcoin account) at:
    Via BitPanda, you can then simply deposit into your Bitcoin account. (BitPanda). BitPanda offers several payment options for a Bitcoin account (Paypal, Skrill, Credit card, Instant transfer, Neteller, etc.)

  2. Register with CRYPTOBitx

  3. Recommendation of the system to at least 2 additional persons

After registering with CRYPTOBitx, you will receive a position in your sponsor's matrix (In the example above, it is level 0, position 1).
In order to secure this position, you must make a donation of 0.001 BTC within the next 24 hours. Your sponsor will receive this donation (Level -1, Position 1). This is your foundation and your level 1 is unlocked. Your position in the system is now secured for life.

With your registration link you are now bringing 2 more people into the system, which do the same. Your level 1 is unlocked by your first donation. You are then entitled to receive donations from your partners in level 1 as soon as they release their level 1 (possible: 2 x 0,001 = 0,002 BTC).
With the donations you received, you can now unlock your level 2 (single donation of 0.0015 BTC). This donation is donated to your sponsor's sponsor (level -2, position 1).

If your two partners in Level 1 now receive 0.001 BTC donations from their own partners, they can also release their second level. These donations go to your sponsor (possible: 4 x 0,0015 = 0,006 BTC). Now he can activate his Level 3 with a donation of 0.004 BTC.

You yourself receive the donations from the partners from your partners (your level 2), if they release their level 2 (possible: 4 x 0,0015 = 0,006 BTC).

The next level is created when your level 3 partners unlock their own level 3 (possible: 8 x 0.004 = 0.032 BTC).

... etc .... ... This continues until level 7.

Overview :

One-time donation to Upline
Possible to get from downline
Level 1
0,0010 BTC
2 x 0,001 = 0,002 BTC
Level 2
0,0015 BTC
4 x 0,0015 = 0,006 BTC
Level 3
0,0040 BTC
8 x 0,0040 = 0,032 BTC
Level 4
0,020 BTC
16 x 0,020 = 0,32 BTC
Level 5
0,20 BTC
32 x 0,20 = 6,4 BTC
Level 6
1,00 BTC
64 x 1,00 = 64 BTC
Level 7
8,00 BTC
128 x 8,00 = 1024 BTC

Whoever has always planned to start with Bitcoin is offered an optimal entry.

PLEASE NOTE:: You can only receive donations from the levels you have activated yourself. For example: If someone in your downline (in level 4) activated level 4, then your level 4 must also be activated. Otherwise the donation will be passed on to your upline.

The first levels are usually faster than the last level. We therefore strongly recommend the team members to activate the first 4 levels one at a time. This costs a total of 0.0265 BTC (about 30 EUR) and leads to a much higher dynamic.

The more people you bring into the system, the better (the most active first). The level of your matrix is ​​filled automatically by the system from left to right. The positions are occupied by you, your upline and your downline. In the backoffice, new partners can also be positioned directly.

Ebenso ist es möglich, mehrere Accounts zu eröffnen. Mit einer Gmail-Adresse kann bei allen Accounts die gleiche Mail-Adresse verwendet werden.
Wir empfehlen grundsätzlich, mit einer Gmail-Adresse zu arbeiten. Nur mit einer Gmail-Adresse erhälst du eine automatische EMail-Benachrichtigung wenn sich neue Partner registrieren oder wenn du Spenden erhälst.

Inactive partners are deleted after 24 hours. So if not available: First, create a Bitcoin account and fill it with the appropriate sum.
Donations that you receive will go directly to your Bitcoin account.

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This website, we provide our partners for their purposes free of charge - of course then having your own registration link!
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